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Garden Gate: Episode 68 – Quality bird food with guest Mark Bennett

CHEX TV airdate: July 24th 5-6pm Click link to watch this episode. WoodlandI’ve talked about it before. I’ve talked about it with my customers. We’ll talk about it again! ?This time with my bird food supplier. What is different between our bird food (Millcreek seed) and box store brands? The short answer is A LOT! Box store food is usually stale and old. ?Birds don’t like to eat stale bird food any more than you like to eat stale crackers or bread. It smells funny and has little nutrition. In the case of Nyger or peanuts it can even be rancid. Box store bird food can also be years old. ?Often it is “Old crop.” ?This means the seed is from previous years crops. Box store bird food can also contain wheat (which birds don’t eat), way too much corn, tiny sunflower seeds, and other fillers that just end up getting tossed on the ground and causing a big mess. ?Look at the label and see what the ingredients are. Often in poor grade seed you’ll see on the label that it contains oil to suppress dust. Birds don’t like either! Who would!? Our bird food is the freshest you can get. It is “New Crop.” It contains no dust or oil. There are numerous varieties of big plump seeds used throughout the year to offer the best seasonal mixes possible. Top quality – and you’ll know it! Mark PhotoTune in to CHEX TV on Friday July 24th between 5 & 6pm for my interview with Mark Bennett from Wild bird trading and Millcreek seed. Read more here.

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