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GARDEN GATE: Episode 296 – New & Beautiful Metal Art (July 5, 2024)

New art from Asheville North Carolina just came in! These hand painted copper pieces are very unique! They’re crafted by artisans in a 5000 square foot studio that is right near the Blue Ridge Mountains. We received some that are on stakes for the garden and some pieces that hang on the wall. There are frogs, hummingbirds, a dragonfly, and some birds! These are all powder coated so they won’t rust outside.

A new order of Dog Bite Steel’s metal art, from Uxbridge Ontario, recently arrived as well! The couple that makes these fun and wonderful pieces use old oil tanks and propane tanks. J.P will carve the metal with a torch and Brenda paints them with bright graffiti paints. These make a lovely gift but they go quickly, so stop by soon and have a look!

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