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GARDEN GATE: Episode 287 – Books From Local Authors (March 1, 2024)

Today we’re highlighting some books in the shop written by local authors!

First up is Nature in the Kawarthas by the Peterborough Field Naturalists. This book presents a wealth of information about the birds, mammals, insects, flowers, reptiles and amphibians that inhabit Peterborough and the Kawarthas. This book is also a fundraiser for the Field Naturalists.…

Rick Cavasin has created a great pocket guide using his photographs of butterflies of Eastern and Southern Ontario.

Drew Monkman, who we’ve had on the segment before, is a retired teacher, naturalist and author of a few of the books in the shop. Nature’s year in the Kawarthas is a guide to the unfolding seasons, that includes the stars, mammals, insects, flowers and more! He also co-wrote The Big Book of Nature Activities which is great tool for getting kids involved in outdoor learning.

Speaking of kids; an Author from Toronto, Michelle Wang wrote the 4-book series “It Must be” Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Illustrated by Ulianna Barabash. This is a beautiful and funny series of books for kids!

Another local author Cauleen Viscoff, has written and illustrated a sweet little story about a robin that fell from its nest – The Little Bird Who Fell from the Sky.

Last but not least, Gordon Harrison’s newest book Chasing Life showcases his photography skills, and the untamed beauty of our province’s wildlife. He shares many insights and intimate stories that illuminate the hidden world of our animal neighbors in this book. He will be hosting a book signing on Thursday, March 14, at St. Andrews United Church 441 Rubidge St. in Peterborough, From 1 to 5 pm. Cake and coffee will be served!

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