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GARDEN GATE: Episode 273 – Drinkware! (Aug 18, 2023)


Drinkware! We have a variety of drinking vessels in the shop including upcycled beer glasses! These are hand made in Ontario from recycled beer bottles and still hold a full beer!

We also have clay wine cups that are made in Burlington Ontario. The clay has a natural ability to neutralize acidity which helps some people who are prone to acid reflux or headaches. This is a revolutionary old technology that was used before glazing and glass was available.

Cathy Allen is a local potter to Peterborough, who makes beautiful mugs. Each one is unique!

McIntosh is a line we have carried for many years. Our Grande mugs hold a nice big cup of coffee. They also have a new line of tea cups with beautiful watercolour florals that we have just brought in! Come by and pick out your new favourite vessel!

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