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GARDEN GATE: Episode 260 – Choosing the best birdhouse and when to put them out (Feb 24, 2023)

Getting your bird houses up early, preferably in March, gives time for the houses to slightly weather and be ready for the birds’ return. If you get them up too late they may have already found a suitable nesting place. We carry lots of bird houses, some more decorative than practical. Some birds prefer a more neutral color to feel safer, as though they blend in.

In todays video I feature a local artist Animal House Creations, from Lakefield Ontario. These are hand made from white pine and sealed with linseed oil so they’re ready to withstand the elements. The inside walls are scored to provide easy footholds for the fledglings. The front wall opens for easy cleaning and maintenance. The front wall has a wooden guard to protect from predators. We also sell metal guards you can place over the holes to prevent squirrels from chewing.

The hole size determines the type of bird that may choose to nest. We have houses for chickadees, nuthatches, bluebirds and even a flicker house. Wrens don’t mind houses that hang or swing a little bit, while others prefer something stable. We also carry bat houses!

Product from this craftsperson will be limited for the foreseeable future. A change in workshop locations has reduced product availability, but we still have some stock available!