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GARDEN GATE: Episode 246 – Benefits of feeding the birds in the summer (July 29, 2022)


Many people stop feeding the birds in the summer because they feel birds don’t need their help or that they’re worried the birds will become dependent on them. But this isn’t the case. Birds only take about 25% of their food from your backyard feeders. The rest of the time they’re out foraging and looking for natural sources.


Some benefits of feeding the birds including helping the parent birds feed young in the nest. The easier the access is to food, the better the survival rate of the young. It’s also a great opportunity to see migrants coming through. Birds like the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak only come through our region occasionally and if you have a feeder out, your chances of seeing these beautiful birds increases. We all feed hummingbirds and orioles because they are just amazing to see! If we didn’t have feeders out, its likely you would miss seeing them flit through the garden. If grackles and starlings are a deterrent for feeding in the summer, then pop by the shop for some tips on how to keep them from your feeders. We’ve also covered this topic numerous times here on the Garden Gate. A quick search will bring up some episodes. Happy bird watching!

Thanks to our bird watching friends for the use of their photos and videos! Amazing.

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