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Garden Gate: Episode 221-Dog Bite Steel recycled art (July 30, 2021)

Recently we made a trip to visit artists J.P. Schoss and his wife Brenda Tucker from Dog Bite Steel in Uxbridge. It’s always a fun day! We have a nice visit, pick out new pieces for the store, fill up our truck…then go for a nice lunch in Uxbridge. It’s an all day adventure! Brenda and J.P. are so creative it always brings a smile to our faces to see the new pieces they’ve designed. The pieces are always one of a kind, although some can be very similar. On this trip we spotted the cutest Rock Hopper Penguin. It had to come with us! We featured it on our Facebook page and it was adopted within 24 hours of landing in our shop. It’s unlikely they’ll make another. A very good reason to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Be the first to know! In addition to the Penguin we also picked up some beautiful wall flowers. These bright coloured flowers were hung in our shop and have also disappeared very quickly. These will be reordered regularly. Call or email to be added to our waiting list if we’re sold out. These pieces are made out of recycled oil tanks and propane tanks. The paint they’re using is a graffiti paint which are bright and full. Beautiful! We’ve carried these pieces for close to 10 years and they continue to be one of our most popular items.