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Garden Gate: Episode 219 – Tools, gloves and other handy items (July 2, 2021)

Besides all of the beautiful wall art, bird feeders and wind chimes, we also carry a good selection of quality tools to help you get your gardening done with ease! We carry hats, gloves, trowels, hori hori knives, expandable rakes, watering cans, weeding tools including our super popular garden bandit and so much more. The heat guards are great to help keep you cool when you’re in the garden or running that marathon. People who experience fevers are also known to enjoy them. These are made in British Columbia. Practical Design also make heat guards (aka cooling ties) for dogs. These are very popular. The dogs look really cute when wearing them but they also are cooled by them. The Garden Bandit is a very handy tool. One we’ve carried since we opened in 2002. It’s great for loosening soil and removing weeds. Canadian made, colourful and very durable. Drop by soon for all your gardening needs.

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