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Garden Gate: Episode 202 – Compare the quality (Nov. 6th, 2020)

Customers often talk about the price of bird food when they should be considering the QUALITY! On this episode I dissect a bag of box store bird food. Even I was shocked at how poor the quality was. Birds don’t eat wheat or milo which is in high quantities in box store mixes. Even the sunflower seeds were grey and small so not good food value. Often the box store labels will say that the bag may include oil to suppress dust. Birds don’t like either oil or dust….so another indication of poor quality seed. Check the ingredient list next time! You’ll be surprised. 100% of the seed in our mixes is seed the birds at your backyard feeders will enjoy! Our most popular blend is called Seasons Woodland. Our supplier changes the mix seasonally so it is most attractive to the birds during specific seasons. For example, they add more peanuts in the winter to help the birds get energy from their food to stay warm on cold winter nights. In the spring they add oyster shells which help with good egg production. Drop by soon and compare the quality yourself!