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Garden Gate: Episode 193 – Supply and demand (July 3rd 2020)



We’ve been busier than ever as have similar shops across North America. Just about everyone is putting up bird feeders and enjoying this new very relaxing hobby!

Because we’ve all be so busy with this hobby some products are currently in very limited supply. Warehouses have been shut down and are just now slowly getting back up and running. Bird feeders from Aspects and Droll Yankees are pretty much all sold out. We have others available so you can still feed the birds. The same goes for our pole systems. ERVA is our supplier and we have almost no poles available. A few shepherds hooks and some misc. pieces used to hang bird feeders.

We don’t know at this point when we’ll be able to get more stock. We are searching for other suppliers, but everyone is in the same situation. Our orders from our supplier comes every Tuesday and we’ll announce on Facebook when they do finally arrive. We have also started a list of people who are looking for specific items. So feel free to call and get your name on the list!