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Garden Gate: Episode 168 – Recycled plastic (July 5th, 2019)

With the over use of plastic in the news so much lately I thought I’d share some information about reducing or reusing plastic.

Use Envirosax cloth bags instead of plastic bags to reduce waste. They hold more than 50lbs of groceries and fit easily into a purse or bag.

A line of bird feeders that we carry are also made out of recycled plastic. The Going Green line is a customer favourite for high capacity and durability. The plastic doesn’t go moldy or discolour like wood will. They are also very easy to clean.

We have carried our line of Mad Mats since 2009. They are made out of recycled plastic pop bottles and yogurt containers and are also a Fair Trade item. Customers love these durable and colourful mats which dress up their outdoor space wonderfully. They are also very popular when camping to keep dirt out of the tent or camper. This plastic is also UV protected so it won’t fall apart after one season! Very durable.

Think green and recycle!

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