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Garden Gate: Episode 146-Artists J.P. Schoss and Brenda Tucker from Dog Bite Steel

On this episode I highlight the fun and quirky work of J.P. Schoss and Brenda Tucker, owners of and creators at Dog Bite Steel.

JP and Brenda met blowing glass at The Ontario College of art 30 yrs ago. Brenda was a professional porcelain artist and already had a successful business.

JP integrated into that business. He won a graduate award in 1990 for his metal work.

Their creativity and humor can been seen in every piece they make.They are fun, colourful, crazy and just a bit quirky!

Together they have one child, Nile, who is now 27. He’s following in his parents footsteps and is an abstract multimedia artist. Currently studying further.

They work with recycled metal from propane and oil tanks mostly. They re-engineer the metal pieces into new forms. The metal is very thick and can last for decades. They have won a provincial award for recycling. They met every criterion for recycling and won the top platinum award in their category.

Brenda designs and paints the metal and handles the business and corporate commissions.

In the winter they head down to Mayan Riviera where they built a house. They spend their winters there were they recharge, work on their house and travel and collect art. They love life and refer to it as the real art form. They welcome visitors to our home and studio by appointment.

We welcome customers to The Avant-Garden Shop where the largest collection of their work is currently displayed and available for sale.

Check out our website for a small sample of the many pieces we carry.  As these pieces are one of a kind we tend not to post too many on the website. They are a must see item!