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Garden Gate: Episode 114 – Tips to attract hummingbirds to your garden (April 29th, 2017)

CHEX TV airdate: Friday April 29th, 2017
Episodes usually air during the morning show at 7:50am, CHEX Daily at 5:15pm and the following Monday during the Noon show

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With eager anticipation we wait. We watch. We wait some more.  Are the hummingbirds here yet? When do I put my feeders out?  How do I keep it clean? How do I stop my feeder from leaking? So many questions. But when we succeed and see those sweet hummingbirds, we’re SO thrilled!

In this episode of the Garden Gate I offer some tips to help you with all of these questions. If there is something that I’ve missed, feel free to drop by and we’ll try to help!

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