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Garden Gate: Episode 112 – Christine McGrath, Bibelot design

CHEX TV airdate: Friday March 31st, 2017
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Bibelot – Christine McGrath

Christine McGrath started Bibelot Design Studio 25 years ago in Whistler B.C. It started out as a hobby selling jewelry at craft shows then slowly turned into the home decor line that it is today. The jewelry was strictly stained glass in the beginning but Christine started experimenting sandwiching Japanese paper between the glass and the rest is history. The paper was replaced with fabric, which she was purchasing in the beginning – anything from old sari textiles to Chinese brocades. In the last 5-6 years she has been dying and silk-screening her own designs which make each piece entirely handcrafted from start to finish.

In 2006 she got a contract for a large job making holiday gifts for all the staff across Canada for IKEA (5500 pieces). Christine’s husband took time from work as a physiotherapist to help get this job done and never went back. They moved to Niagara on the Lake in 2010 and set up their studio there. In 2013 they opened up a small gallery in their studio.

Their plans for the future include expanding the gallery and delving more into the textile design part of their work. Christine is currently taking ceramics courses at Mohawk College and would love to incorporate that into some of their work.