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Garden Gate: Episode 108 – Myth busting with Naturalist Drew Monkman (Feb. 3, 2017)

CHEX TV airdate: Feb. 3rd, 2017
Episodes usually air during the morning show at 7:50am, CHEX Daily at 5:15pm and the following Monday during the Noon show

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Robins always go south for the winter. MYTH

Birds will freeze if they take a bath in the winter. MYTH

Birds feet stick to metal when it’s cold. MYTH

Only feed birds when it’s really cold otherwise they get dependent on you. MYTH

My guest Drew Monkman and I BUST some MYTH’s on this episode of The Garden Gate.

Garden Gate episodes appear on CHEX TV alternating Fridays during The Morning Show at 6:50am and during The CHEX Daily at 5:20pm. They repeat the following Monday at 12:30pm.