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Dog Bite Steel artist from Uxbridge

Dog with Bone

dog with boneIf you’ve been in?our shop or perused our website, you’ll know that we carry A LOT of works by Canadian artists. Here is some information on one of my favourites! Click on the link below to watch a video of the artists.

Dog Bite Steel is a business from Uxbridge with works by Jean Pierre Schoss and his partner Brenda Tucker.

The works?are made from recycled propane, water?and oil tanks. These pieces are quirky and fun! From crazy dogs and rabbits, to dancing and canoeing moose, fish, porcupines, racoons…and lots of stunning birds.? Drive by The Avant-Garden Shop to see the giant Pileated woodpecker. He’s keeping an eye on things when I’m not there!

Jean Pierre Schoss

“I use recycled materials for a number of reasons. First, it is our responsibility to contribute to this world in as many ways as possible. Garbage is a great place to start.
? Oil tanks are costly to cut up and recycle so the scrap yards don?t want them. I began using oil tanks, water tanks and propane tanks to save money because the steel was so expensive. I soon realized what I was doing. The recycling had become part of my life.?

? I began to look for more items that could be recycled into my work. If it is thick enough to last for years and years then I am interested. People bring me all sorts of things. I drag things out of the ditches some times and then the earth feels better!?? I drain the tanks of the sludge and oil and take it to the recycling depot. There is quite a process to getting the steel ready for the sculpture.

? The material has a lot of character and always tells a life story. It has a lot more to say than a big, expensive sheet of new grey steel. Some tanks have many layers and colors of paint on them from being painted over the years to match houses and cottages.

? Some of my work involves old tools, steps from antique carriages and 70 year old manure spreaders.

? I never see just a steel object. I see the new life waiting to come out of it.?

If you’d like to learn more about this artist, watch this episode of the 5 O’clock show which aired May 31st, 2013. It’s a wonderful tour with host Teresa Kazuba. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!