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Bird food-Seasons Woodland (40lb / 18kg)


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After several years of research we have discovered that birds tend to live in either wooded areas or open meadows. As well, since birds migrate, breed, contend with different weather conditions and feed their young during different times of the year, their needs vary depending on the season.

Seasonally Adjusted Woodland has these features. Each season, we combine dozens of different ingredients to provide the birds with the best possible nutrition available. The spring formulation is high in protein for muscle development and stamina (migration, breeding & food collection for their young). It contains fruit for migratory fruit eating birds. It contains oyster shell to help digestion and add needed calcium for egg production. Micronized ingredients are added to convert the sugars and make these  ingredients digestible. The winter blend is high in carbohydrates to keep birds warm. Summer blend accommodate birds that stay for the summer.

Each season this mix is changed to accommodate the birds and their environment.

Available in 10lb, 20lb and 40lb bags.

At Christmas 2lb organiza bags are available to compliment your gift of a bird feeder.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 20 × 20 in
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