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Bird Food

The BEST bird food in the region. Arrives fresh every Tuesday!

The majority of our bird food is grown in Canada, is organically grown, bee friendly and non genetically modified!

There is also NO FILLER in our seed mixes. Wheat and red milo are filler seeds that our backyard birds do not eat.

Oct. 2022
Prices on most bird seed has DROPPED! Finally some good news. Black oil sunflower, safflower, peanuts and blends have all dropped. Niger and Finch blend have not yet decreased.

We continue to offer “Buy 12 get one free” and also 5% back in bonus bucks when paying by cash.

Due to weight restrictions we cannot ship bags of bird food.

We do our best to keep prices as reasonable as possible, and adjust when possible.

Watch our Garden Gate segment to learn more about fillers in bird seed mixes.

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