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Window Gems – Birds (7 pieces)


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Birds are often not able to tell the difference between the reflected landscape that they see in a window, and their real surroundings. They are not trying to fly through the glass; they think that your window is a continuation of their world.

Window gems are designed to go on the outside of the windows to break up this reflection and give birds visual cues that this is a shiny wall.  They work beautifully. As birds fly toward a window protected with Gems, the reflections shift and move with their movements while the Gems stay stationary. This warns them that something is wrong and gives them enough time to change direction before collision. Even in the shade without the prismatic effect, they are incredibly effective.

*They are gorgeous, moveable, reusable and never fade.

*They have been tested and proven over many years

*Made in Mount Shasta, California

*Bird strikes are one of the leading causes of bird death and declining avian populations.

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