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Solair Chair – Black


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Solair Chairs came out of Montreal following the design wave from Expo ’67. They became a popular fixture at Motels across the country for decades. Some know these as “Basket chairs” or “Motel chairs.”

Sleek and comfortable, clean lines and very relevant to modern design today. They are light to carry, but sturdy enough not to blow away and they don’t discolour in the sun.

Chairs are super comfortable and easy to get out of.  Because there are no arms, there is more space to move around.

Great for the deck, dock or condo!

Customers report having the originals for 20+ years.

Solair chairs are still made in Quebec to this day.

Available in Yellow, Fuchsia, Teal Blue, Lime Green, Orange, White and Black. Discount offered when bought in pairs.

We do not ship out of the area as costs are prohibitive. Contact the supplier directly.
Charles Ouellet, Vice-president of Sales 1-800-463-8877  

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 36 in

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