Canada Goose (Wings up)


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Canada Goose (Wings Up)

  • 6 gauge steel construction.
  • Two layers Black on Clear Finish
  • Dimensions : 12.5 in high x 24 in wide

The goose is community oriented, they fly together and take turns sharing the burden of flying in the lead. When one leaves the V because of illness, another stays with it until it is healthy or dies. So Canadian Geese show us how to care for each other and work as a team.

Ruggid Coast is a company located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. They specialize in the design and manufacture of  West coast and First Nations metal artwork.  This metal artwork is found in many galleries, and gift shops in North America.  All products are 100% made in Canada.

Ruggid coast originally started with an idea to bring a new line of Canadian made products for sport fishing and the outdoors.  As a result a new line metal artwork was created with the help of local First Nations artist Trevor Husband.

As is the case with some of our other artists, for each product and artwork they sell a portion goes directly to the Pacific Salmon Foundation for salmon enhancement projects.

There are two artists who create the pieces

Jerrod L. Pinder
Jerrod is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  In the 1980’s he settled with his family to Vancouver Island permanently.  On moving to the island he instantly fell in love with the west coast, and all its beautiful surroundings.  Jerrod’s career began in engineering, and manufacturing for over a decade.  He began over the years to work with other artists combining technical design with physical art.  Several commissions have been done for a variety of clients across North America, and Europe.

Many of his designs are inspired by his love for the ocean and wildlife on Vancouver Island, and across British Columbia.  Jerrod is an avid sport fisherman, and many of his designs reflect his passion for the west coast.

Trevor Husband, First Nations Artist
Trevor Husband is a Gitxsan/Cree Native artist.  He was born and raised on Haida Gwaii, and after 15 years in Vancouver he now calls the Cowichan Valley home.

After spending a decade working at music and acting, Trevor turned his talents towards carving, and apprenticed under Salish artist Herb Rice. This included carving totems. He now works with wood and metal, and blends traditional Northwest Native art with a contemporary feel to produce unique designs.

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