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Lampe Berger Fragrance – Enchanted sandalwood


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Lampe Berger offers a wide variety of fragrances to suit any taste. Drop in to the store for the most current selections.


These fragrances will clean the air and fragrance it at the same time.  Many scents are available in a number of families of fragrances.  Once you find a fragrance that you like you may find that you also enjoy other fragrances in that same family.

Dreams of Exploration:  Have the fine fragrances from around the world in your home.
Oriental Dreams:  Disclose with voluptuous incense scents, myrrh and amber with oriental accents, warm and opulent.
Dreams of Flowers:  Create a garden where the queens of perfumery are growing.
Dreams of Freshness: Create an ode to nature, oceanic cloud, salty mist, streaming rain.
Sweet Dreams:  To be tasted with pleasure, smells of cakes, vanilla, thoughts of sweets.
Dreams of Fruits: Magnetic smell of the orchards, exotic savour, season delicacy for jolly fragrances.
Pure Dreams:  Open a window on a absolute simplicity, an inspiration of airy freshness and lightness.


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