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Why it works!
The Heat Guard works in conjunction with the body’s natural cooling system to help cool you faster and keep you cool longer. When worn around the neck, the tie cools the blood that is flowing through the carotid arteries to and from the brain. This cooled blood goes on to cool the rest of the body. When the body is cooled, both stress and the heart rate are reduced, enabling one to achieve a better performance with less perceived effort. When body temperature is lowered, dehydration is reduced.

Who uses The Heat Guard Cooling Tie?
All people who get too hot can benefit from using the Heat Guard Cooling Tie. A few of the groups that currently use our product are: gardeners, golfers, hikers, athletes, work crews, kitchen and laundry workers, MS patients, migraine headache sufferers, chemotherapy and radiation patients, hot flash and fever sufferers and, of course, anyone living or vacationing in hot climates.

Colours and patterns change regularly so we cannot guarantee this exact colour will be available but we will do our best to help you choose a design you like.

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