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Hand puppet – Shark (Wool)


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Cate & Levi is a new brand of green toy shop that ensures that each of their animal themed toys is both environmentally responsible and unique.

Handmade in Toronto, all of the materials are sourced as close to home as possible to reduce the environmental footprint. Crafted using reclaimed wool, parents can rest assured their toys are non-toxic, safe for kids and eco-friendly too. Designed with love and care, Cate & Levi’s toys are proof that environmental responsibility and top quality children’s gifts can go hand in hand.

You’ll never find two of these cute and cuddly toys that are identical. The rainbow of colors and textures reclaimed wool possesses gives Cate & Levi’s artisans the freedom to craft truly unique animals. Don’t settle for a toy shop that mass produces baby gifts that are all the same. Each child is one of a kind and they deserve toys that are as unique as they are. These eco-friendly toys for kids are Cate & Levi’s small contribution towards keeping our planet a wonderful place to live and play.  COLOURS DIFFER FROM PICTURE



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Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in
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