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The FrogLog is a swimming pool escape ramp for frogs, toads,mice, chipmunks, squirrels, ducklings, turtles, bugs or insects, and other small animals up to one pound. The FrogLog saves native wildlife, keeps pool water clean, and reduces time spent on pool maintenance. The FrogLog can also be used in other water features including hot tubs or spas, backyard ponds, and fountains.


Protects Native Wildlife

Each year millions of small animals die in swimming pools. Help save native animals and reduce those unpleasant surprises in your skimmer basket.

Keeps Pool Water Clean

Minimize unhealthy bacteria from animals and their wastes. The FrogLog allows small animals to escape your pool quickly and keeps the water clean and safe.

Saves Money

Chlorine or other sanitizers are used up when they react with bacteria from animals and their waste. The FrogLog can reduce the amount of chlorine used and lessen the risk of a chlorine lock.

Saves Time

The FrogLog will significantly reduce the frequency of animals in your pool, and reduce the need to constantly check the skimmer.

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