Fibres of life Dryer balls (Set of 3)


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This is our sustainable, artisan made dryer ball! Have you ever used a dryer ball before?

Here are some of the features this magical ball provides:
– Reduces dry time
– Reduces static and wrinkles
– Can be used up to 1000 times
– Compostable

Just place it in the dryer with your clothes and see the results!

Did you know that our dryer ball is the most impactful fair trade product Fibres of Life makes?

A core element of fair trade is providing training and skill development for artisans – most importantly those who need access to new opportunities for work and may have never had any artisan skill prior.

This simple ball is an accessible product that a junior artisan can make, and thanks to it becoming our crazy best seller, it has provided a good sized community of artisans a lot of consistent work.

Who’d guess a wee ball could do so much?



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