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Canadian Weather Stick


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Purchase multiples to make shipping cost more reasonable.  Three or four often ship for the same price as one. Great gifts!

The Canadian Weatherstick of Canada is a fun way to predict upcoming weather conditions. Based on a tried and true method, people have been “watching the weather” like this for centuries. The Canadian Weatherstick consists of a long birch stick attached to a base – simply attach it to an outside wall or tree exposed to the elements. After allowing the stick to acclimatize to your unique weather conditions, it will start to accurately predict the weather for years to come! To find out what the weather is going to do – just look at the stick – when bad/wet weather approaches, the stick will bend “down”, when good/sunny/dry weather approaches the stick will bend “up”. Amazing! We’ve had customers report back to us that they have enjoyed (and are still enjoying) their Weathersticks for over 10 years!

Our Weatherstick comes with instructions and everything you need to get started right away.

Makes a great gift for Kids and families and a thoughtful gift for your favourite Gardener. Also a fabulous gift for Cottage or New Home Owners!

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