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Ron Stephens – Rustic Sculpture

Ron Stephens

Ron StephensRon Stephens, reduction stoneware potter, painter and sheet metal sculpture, was born in Kitchener, Ontario. At high school, he took a potters course. The craft came naturally to him. After graduation, Ron hitch-hiked west in the late 70’s and found work in a pottery supply house in Calgary, Alberta. In 1983 he started his own wheel thrown high-fire production pottery business near Vancouver B.C., distributing his wares throughout the west for 20 years.

His current love and inspiration is metal sculpture. Ron designs and produces by hand a full line of honest depictions of wild life and domestic creatures. He delights in bringing metal to life by hand-cut, bending and welding. Then allowing the west coast humidity to slowly rust the surface to develop a finish on each piece that is unique variable and natural.

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