Stokes Field Guide to Birds of North America (Bonus CD)


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Six years of research by well-known and respected birders Don and Lillian Stokes culminates with the publishing of the Stokes Field Guide To Birds Of North Americas. The result is the most comprehensive photographic field guide on the market. Over 3,400 beautiful color photos from top bird photographers, including co-author Lillian Stokes, present all significant plumages of birds as well as birds in flight. A bonus downloadable CD offers excellent help for beginning birders to expand identification skills through bird sounds. Scientifically precise and well organized, this guide caters to all ages.

  • Includes 854 North American bird species from common backyard visitors to the latest rarities.
  • Over 3400 color photos cover all significant plumages including male, female, summer, winter, immature, and morphs as well as important subspecies and birds in flight.
  • A new cutting-edge method of bird identification called quantitative shape describes anatomical features in proportion to other parts of the bird and provides an accurate and understandable way to use shape for bird identification.
  • Newest range maps detail species winter, summer, and year-around ranges as well as migration routes and extra-limital vagrancies.
  • Offers detailed descriptions of songs, calls, behavorial info, and key habitat preferences of each species with special help for identifying birds in flight.
  • 16 chapters focus on getting started as a birder with an emphasis on understanding identification, classification, behavior, and habitat. The final chapter addresses ethics and conservation.
  • 125 full-color illustrations are included in this portable, pocket-sized guide.
  • Multiple plumage illustrations clearly show variations in regards to season, age, wear and molt.


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