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Northern Smittens are one of a kind felted wool mittens handcrafted from recycled wool sweaters found in thrift stores.  
These sweaters are often stained, shrunk or damaged making them unwearable.  They often find their way into landfills or are sent by large shipping boats to third-world countries.  By working around these problems, the artist is able to take these previously loved sweaters, cut them up and give them new life as beautiful pieces of art for your hands.  
All sweaters are at least 80% wool.  The sweaters are processed in hot water so their fibers felt together making them thick and soft. This felting process creates a mitten that is incredibly warm and naturally water and wind resistant.  The mitten lining is made from new polar fleece to ensure warmth and comfort.
Mittens are one-of-a kind as there are rarely two sweaters the same.  Because of this uniqueness we cannot guarantee that the design pictured here is still available.  Contact the shop or drop by to get the perfect pair for you!

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