Sanibel – Blue hat with black stitched flowers (Wide brim)


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Fun, light weight hats for the garden, the beach or travel. Many more designs available in the shop. Please drop by to see the selection.

Sanibel is considered among the best in the Canadian hat and accessories industry. Their unique identity is influenced by the urban designs of Ginette Barbe – designer and also a member of the Craft Art Council of Quebec. Sanibel’s quality is reflected in many aspects of our products:
• quality of fabrics
• wide variety of colours
• adjustable sizing in our designs
• pain-staking attention to pattern-making and cutting
• expert sewing and attention go into the finest details in final product assembly
• unwavering customer service and Canada-wide recognition of the high standards
Sanibel products are for those who enjoy life, the pursuit of personal and professional endeavours and want to look “cool” doing it.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in