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A Fairy door is an invitation.  Be it an invitation for your imagination, or for a real adventure.  A fairy door is a portal, allowing the fairy folk to enter into our realm, bringing with them the special magic of their realm. These doors are available in a variety of adorable styles to capture the eye of even the most discriminating pixie, brownie, goblin, hobbit, elf, sprite or other fairy folk.  Simply lean them against a tree or rock, place them on a bookshelf, hang them on a wall or set them against a baseboard.

Each fairy door stands about 6” tall.  Our fairy doors are handcrafted from solid cedar, with every board selected for its unique grain and knot features. All hinges and decorative elements are also handcrafted or carefully selected to enhance the magic of the door. Every door is hand painted and stained, then given a generous coat of semi-gloss lacquer to protect it from the elements.

Since not all fairies are the same, we have ensured that we have doors to fit each one’s particular needs.   Therefore we have Hobbit doors, Castle Doors, Pixie Paradise doors, Leprechaun Doors and Fancy Fairy doors to name a few.   As these doors are intended for the fairy folk, they do not open.  Only the fairies have the magic to open them, giving them the ability to come and go as they please.

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