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Sometimes the soil is really in bad shape and you need to aerate just a bit deeper than a regular cultivator does. With this 1 tine (Sauzahn) cultivator you can go deeper without disturbing the dirt too much. The forged narrow blade is great for use in vegetable gardens. 

Sometimes also nicknamed the cobra.

On April 1, 1898, Willem de Wit started his blacksmith company in Kornhorn, a small village in northern Holland. Today, the 4th generation of the forging family is running the company. Old-fashioned quality combined with innovative designs make DeWit tools the ultimate gardener’s choice.

The latest equipment and techniques combined with historical craftsmanship make DeWit one of the most modern garden tool manufacturers in the world.  

And it’s not just about the steel heads, the handles are also important.  DeWit handles come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, government-controlled forests. This regulates the use of wood and the replanting of trees for a greener environment.


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