Coasters-Maple Leaf with birch bark


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Bouquets of pressed flowers, leaves and seeds are fused to glass, to create coasters, trivets, sun catchers and plaques.         


Henni Originals has been arranging wild flowers and leaves since 1969. The company was started by Henni and Gunter Stoffregen. Their son Peter and his wife Betty are now running the business with the occasional assistance from their two children.
Henni Originals are located in Hillsdale, Ontario, Canada, approximately 20 minutes north of Barrie.
Sold individually for $10.00 or set of 4 for $38.00
It’s not cost effective to ship single coasters so multiples are recommended.

Additional information

Weight .65 lbs
Dimensions 4.00 x 4.00 x .25 in

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