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Mono (Sooeun) Ahn is an award-winning professional illustrator and paper cut artist. After working as an animator and studying textile design in South Korea, Mono immigrated to Canada. In 2013 she realized her dream of completing an Honours Bachelor of Arts Illustration degree from Sheridan College. Mono also received Sheridan’s 2013 Applied Arts Student Award for Children’s Illustration.

After graduation, Mono realized another dream by opening her own business, called Silkpulp. Her current passion is the art of paper cut illustration: intricate designs painstakingly carved with a surgical blade, requiring both patience and a steady-hand.

Silkpulp’s specialty is paper cut greeting cards, posters and custom illustrations. Mono’s organic designs imagine a whimsical universe of fluid organic shapes and colourful forest creatures. A magical land, where trees and flowers replace skyscrapers and subways, and where animals with big personalities seem ready to leap right off the page. 

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