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Roosting box
During cold winter nights birds will gather together to share heat and stay warm.  Some will even go into tree crevices or these roosting boxes. 

The opening is at the bottom for ease of entry. Inside are little rods for the birds to sit on and cuddle close to their neighbour. This roost is well sealed to keep the heat in as best as possible.

In the spring this box can be converted into a blue bird house. The door flips around and the perches can be removed.

Bluebird house
Bluebirds are not only beautiful, but are fascinating to watch. Bring some colour into your neighbourhood by providing a bluebird a home.

Hand made in Canada from white pine and sealed with linseed oil, this house is ready to withstand the elements.

The inside walls are scored to provide easy footholds. Front wall opens for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Measurements: 15″ h, 9 ½” w, 7 ¼” d

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