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“Explore and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Canada’s owls with our 2024 Owls of Canada Calendar!

A Year-long owl odyssey: experience the wonder of Canadian owls throughout the seasons. From the exceedingly rare Albino Barred Owlet to the endangered Burrowing Owl, each month unveils a new feathered marvel! As can be expected of us, all owls were photographed ethically and in Canada!

Perfect for nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and owl lovers, the 2024 Owl Calendar is a unique and educational gift, each month a work of art allowing you to cherish these majestic creatures every day of the year. Not only are these calendars locally crafted, but they were carefully designed with functionality in mind; measuring 8.5×11″ and bound with staples, they feature spacious monthly planners with ample writing space on each page! Select a paper copy, to be mailed to you, or a digital, printable version to print for yourself at home.

Treat someone special to soar with you and Canada’s owls throughout 2024, and get 10% off orders of 2 or more with code CALENDARS. Moreover, all purchases will be free from GST!

Celebrate Conservation: By bringing this calendar into your home, you’re supporting the conservation of Canada’s owls because like all of our wildlife work, 7% of our proceeds are donated to local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organizations! Join us in enjoying, yet safeguarding these vital members of our ecosystem!” 



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