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Gwen Buchanan – Desideratum

Visual Artist/Jeweler/ Designer/Artisan… Co-Creator, with partner, John Ackerson, of their whimsical and unique handmade Silver and Copper DESIDERATUM Art Jewelry … and architectural wanderings…..

From the artist “I live surrounded by Nature. It’s where I ponder the ways of the world, make things, live simply, practice good old-fashioned common sense and appreciate Freedom. I try to involve myself in Artistic endeavors that hopefully and humbly will make the world more Beautiful…. Enjoy Your Life… Be Happy. 

From Douglas, New Brunswick

A beautiful and varied line of copper earrings are available.  Dragonflies, music notes, children, dogs, cats, balls of yarn for the knitter in the family and a customer favourite – the wine bottle and wine glass combination.

Soon to come on our website.