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Floyd Elzinga – Artifice

Maple Leaf

Maple LeafFloyd Elzinga, from Beamsville, Ontario is primarily inspired by the natural world and frequently uses it to reference aspects of agriculture, politics and religion. In his work, he is drawn to highlight, explore and create objects and ideas that embody polar opposites and as a result, a strong dualist theme is present in his work. Currently, he has been exploring the tradition of landscape painting through nontraditional materials and techniques; his recent works focus on broken landscapes and portraits of trees.

The artist was initially drawn to steel, due to its malleable, plastic and forgiving nature, and now utilizes its range of colours and the way light plays off the surface. The process became an integral part of the content; polishing, burnishing, sanding, grinding, rusting and heat treatment are applied to the steel to determine the colour palette, create textures and produce the illusion of depth through the reflection of light.

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